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About Time Travel Opps

Everything, explained in three handy points:

Music Music

Time Travel Opps releases music by Richard J. Birkin, Papayér, Emphemetry, The Little Explorer and Christmas Robin. Compact Disc, Vinyl, and Digital. Putting music out feels good.

Publishing Publishing

After starting out releasing music, Time Travel Opps has published short fiction anthologies and poetry collections, and in 2014 will begin publishing creative digital projects.

Creative Technology Creative Technology

Time Travel Opps publishes digital projects related to music, words and other artforms, as well as consulting for other people on all manner of digital projects & creative problem solving.


Night Sun (6/6) – Location & Installation

Night Sun (6/6) – Location & Installation

Posted by on Mar 14, 2014 in Night Sun | No Comments

Musicbox with cogs and a plinth By the start of the final week of production, we had a finished recording, finished story, code that was almost working, and an Arduino rig that worked. Next: making the musicbox turn the rotary encoder: 1. I added a cog onto a wooden platform, that would be turned when […]

Night Sun (5/6) – Arduino & Javascript

Night Sun (5/6) – Arduino & Javascript

Posted by on Mar 12, 2014 in Night Sun | No Comments

So far I’ve talked about the music, story and photos. Let’s package those together (as they will be in the final installation) and call them ‘Media’. The physical music-box will need to control the Media. Therefore, I needed to develop an interface between the Physical Installation and the Media. I would also need to have […]

Night Sun (4/6) – Photography

Night Sun (4/6) – Photography

Posted by on Mar 11, 2014 in Night Sun | No Comments

I’ve wanted to work with Dan on a project for a while. Last year he opened Derby’s first commercial traditional photographic darkroom (for a while), The Photo Parlour. The brief: City at night / the hidden city / darkness and light We met up for a coffee and talked reference points about some references and […]