Twinklr v2

Posted on May 9, 2017 in News

In winter 2015 we were commissioned by D-Lab to create Twinklr: A Modern Music Box. This was a proof of concept – could we build a compelling musical toy that combined a touch screen and a tactile handle that enabled people to quickly and joyfully make music?

Tom showed some people in London, and we ended up applying for and getting a spot on the MV Works programme at Makerversity to make the next version. One where a user could change the musical key that the music box played in, the scale that the on-screen stave represents, the speed of the handle ‘gears’, change the length of their loop, have different playheads moving at different directions and at different speeds AND control external synthesisers:

Twinklr: A Modern Music Box from Tom Armitage on Vimeo.

Twinklr is more than just an improvement on an old formula. It has some tricks that only a digital music-box could do.

To play the new version of Twinklr is actually a joy. It’s just as much fun as before to just create and edit melodies. Now you can transpose, stretch, multiply what you’re playing. I found that within minutes I’d be having as much fun with just Twinklr as with a guitar and a board full of loop and delay pedals. Then, controlling analogue synthesisers, putting your Twinklr melody into an on-board sequencer, and before you know it you’re controlling a world of sound with just the turn of a handle and ten dots on a screen.

The new version of Twinklr was presented as part of the MV Works exhibition at Somerset House in London, before being used in a live performance from St. Johns at Hackney broadcast live on Radio 3.

Open Source

Tom’s code is Open Source and can be found here.

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