Week Notes 001

Posted on May 28, 2017 in News, Week Notes

Three years in, and I’ve started to do Weeknotes. There are numerous and diverse projects happening at the moment, and sometimes it can feel like nothing is getting done, even though small significant tasks are being completed in each project. Weeknotes helps to look at the whole, and feel good about getting things done. This week, then…

Reservoir 13

Added some polish to the front-end of the Reservoir 13 performance site. Re-ordered Jon’s triggers to be in the order of performance, made some nice big buttons for his mobile screen.

We also added colours for each chapter. Jon selected a palette that he would like to see glowing on phones in the audience. So now, as well as playing audio for each chapter of his readings, the phone screen colour will change on every phone present.

There are a couple of bugs with this which we’ll iron out this week while Jon isn’t performing.

Reveal Records

Did some fun prototyping for the new Reveal Records site. Label owner Tom wants it to be all about the records, the record artwork, the variety of the label’s historical and upcoming output. It’s an exciting brief, especially for me (a record fiend and longtime fan of (and associate with) the shop/label)

Made a responsive wireframe with sample content which I submitted for feedback and will iterate more on this coming week.


Met some people from PRS for Music. The inside scoop is that their royalty data platform is very well defined and in production, so we’ll wait and see if we can test the alpha. There still might be life in our version of the product though – research needed into global royalty collection societies to see how they handle their user’s data.

Came on board as User Experience designer for this site rebuild project. Always great to do a deep dive into someone’s industry and find out what it’s all about, where the passion is.

The user persona workshops and analytics research had already been done by Sitesmart, so I ran up a Content audit, content strategy, hierarchy, narrative, and a wireframe of all that to see if the client likes the approach. If so, will prototype key pages and form a sitemap. If not, iteration!

Time Travel Opps

Continued to collate and write-up all of the last 18months of projects. It’s nice figuring out how to communicate the ideas we’ve had with a bit of distance. Some storyboards for videos needed, where text and images don’t quite get the idea across.

Feeling confident looking at the folio of works, and having emptied my brain of all of it am starting to see new ideas taking their place.

Out of the office

Filled with admiration at the way Mancunians came together this week. Such a terrible terrible event. But seeing everyone unite to comfort each other was and is the best display of humanity.

Finished reading: The High Places by Fiona MacFarlane
Started reading: The Power by Naomi Alderman
Listened to: Lots of Radio 4 for the news of Manchester. Clark, White Denim, Dalham, James Clarke/Brian Bennett’s production library music.