Night Sun Online – Out Now

Posted on Aug 25, 2014 in News, Night Sun


Today Time Travel Opps releases Night Sun Online. It’s the online version of the installation I created in February this year for Nottingham Light Night. The whole story by Emma Lannie, all the photos by Dan Wheeler, and the piece I wrote.

To view Night Sun, visit:

The music is available from all digital outlets, including Google Play, iTunes, 7Digital, and Bandcamp.

Please do send us your feedback, and share the hell out of it.

I’m really interested in what people make of Night Sun Online, as it’s sort of a pilot for a bigger project I’ll be developing for the rest of this year and releasing early 2015. The project is called Songs For Spoken Words, and uses the same technology as Night Sun Online. So yeah, tweet, facebook, or email your thoughts.

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