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I’ve wanted to work with Dan on a project for a while. Last year he opened Derby’s first commercial traditional photographic darkroom (for a while), The Photo Parlour.

The brief:

City at night / the hidden city / darkness and light

We met up for a coffee and talked reference points about some references and influences, among them Hopper, Rumblefish, Crewdson, Ernst

  • crewdson
  • Rumble-Fish
  • hopper
  • The Entire City 1934 by Max Ernst 1891-1976

The plan:

Shoot analogue / black & white / spontaneous / aim for unrecognisable buildings or angles / impressionistic / led by Emma’s story

Emma sent the first draft of the story on the day of the expedition, which gave us a draft shot list that we would work from and expand on.


We waited ’til after dark one weekday evening, then went to Nottingham and spent a few hours walking around snapping things that ticked a thematic box, linked to Emma’s story, or just might be a nice shot. The thing is, Dan was shooting ‘blind’. No light meter was used, only six rolls of black and white film and a basic viewfinder.

In fact, one of my favourite shots Dan confessed to have been taken by mistake while he was loading a new roll!

Night Sun-42

I love these photographs. They not only set the mood that I wanted for Night Sun, but they are beautiful photos outright, capturing little noticed parts of a city at night. They make me want to make a book of the project, or hang each picture in a gallery. Here are some of the ones that I didn’t use:

  • Night-Sun-46
  • Night-Sun-44
  • Night-Sun-41
  • Night-Sun-40
  • Night-Sun-38
  • Night-Sun-36
  • Night-Sun-24
  • Night-Sun-11
  • Night-Sun-7

Dan sent me the developed and scanned photos the following afternoon, whereupon began the coding part of the technical development.

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