Creating magic in a museum using music, hidden speakers and a Raspberry Pi.

Time Travel Opps was commissioned to conceive, develop and install a music intervention for the revamped Nature Gallery at Derby Museum. The new gallery ‘notice nature feel joy’ was co-created with members of the public, museum curators, artists and crafts people from around Derbyshire.

Our audio installation runs from a Raspberry Pi in 6.0 Surround Sound, via concealed speakers around the perimeter of the gallery. The Raspberry Pi plays Richard Birkin’s specially composed piece ‘Aves’ in full every day at 12:30, followed by more subtle ambient interventions throughout the day.

The exquisite gallery soundscape moves hearts and minds. Stop me every time.
- Andrea Hadley-Johnson, Co-Production Manager, Derby Museums


Our work here used music and surprise to give visitors a unique museum experience. The nature-inspired music surrounds and envelopes visitors, tapping into their emotions with soaring classical nature-inspired music.

We connected the past to the present, by restoring an old recording of birdsong made in Derbyshire in the 1930′s.