A User Experience to connect discovery, anticipation and preparation for a great day out by train.


Coventry agency Bit10 brought Time Travel Opps in to help with the overall User Experience and Wireframing for National Rail’s Days Out Guide.

Days Out Guide provide vouchers for discounted entry to UK attractions when you travel by train. The brief was multi-faceted here, but our initial Content Audit revealed two main points:

  • The messaging was inconsistent around the rules – users got confused about the validity of offers
  • Search – bad search results inconsistent with search criteria, presented in an inconsistent way. The results need to be consistent, so that the user always knows where to look for the information they require.

Onward Journeys

Onward Journeys are our way of thinking about What The User Does Next when designing a User Experience. Previously, the Days Out Guide site presented a search result as a photo, a piece of publicity copy, and a link to download the voucher.

When running our User Experience workshop, we identified that, in addition to What It Is, users wanted to know How To Get There, Opening Times, Accessibility, and – a major change here for the website – What Is Nearby.

As a user, if you’re travelling to London by train with a family or large group, you want to do as much as possible without having to criss-cross the entire city. We added a Recommended Attractions and Map section that showed other interesting Days Out Guide offers near to the one the user had navigated to.

We also made sure that every piece of online content had a link to something else, meaning there was always on Onward Journey through the content.