A toy-music box, when touched, triggers music, words and pictures to tell a story about human connection.

Night Sun is an interactive audio/visual installation, featuring new music by Richard J. Birkin, as well as a specially commissioned story (by Emma Lannie) and photos (by Dan Wheeler) to accompany the piece.

In the street just outside a vacant shop, a spotlight illuminates a small toy music box mounted on a chest-height plinth. There is no other lighting, and no sound. Intrigued, the audience member holds the turning arm of the music box. With this physical connection, the previously empty & dark shop window begins to glow with light, and when they turn the tiny handle of the toy instrument, a musical journey begins.

It was commissioned by Nottingham City Council for Light Night 2014, funded by Arts Council England.

Read about the development and installation of the project here.

Night Sun was created and directed by Richard J. Birkin
Story by Emma Lannie
Photography by Dan Wheeler
Music composed by Richard J. Birkin
Performed by Derventio Quartet
Recorded by Robin Newman and Richard Collins at Snug Recording Company, Derby, February 2014.

Arduino consultant: Adrian McEwan
Installation carpentry: Stephen Birkin

Filmed by Lara Elliot.

Thankyou to Jeff and all at Castle Sound & Vision for hosting Night Sun in Nottingham in February 2014.