An online Royalties Tracker for composers and publishers to get a deeper understanding of how their music is earning money.

We found that artists had no easy way to connect with the data they receive from PRS for Music regarding the money they earn from radio plays, downloads and streams.

There’s also a lack of transparency in the music industry when it comes to digital. Ask anyone in the music industry, and no-one knows for sure how much you get from a Spotify stream or an iTunes album download – which seems pretty crazy when online is the medium where music typically gets the most exposure for artists.

So we created Royaltify.

Users drop their PRS for Music data (CSV files) into the browser, and Royaltify presents the data back to artists and publishers in an easy to understand way. Top level data shows total revenue over time, and total for each usage of a tune. Digging deeper, users can connect with deeper data such as: how many streams per platform, total earning from a single streaming platform, and what that translates to per stream.

The graphing allows a visual connection to see how earnings fluctuate, and artists can group their works in to albums to more easily their earnings in the context of the project cycles that they typically work in.

UPDATE: After uploading our Royaltify video we heard from PRS for Music that they have launched an internal project to create much the same thing. As artists, we’re really happy about this. After all, it’s a direct connection to the data at source. We’ll continue to work on Royaltify to meet our own needs as artists, and speak to the composer/publisher community to find out how Royaltify, as an independent, potentially disruptive service, can be of help.