A browser-based audio mixer that controls the balance between music and soothing white noise, helping parents and babies sleep soundly.


When you have a child, you learn what a skill it is to be able to fall asleep. Babies need a big helping hand. Whether it’s being cradled or rocked or sung to.

Songs For Tired Eyes is a browser-based audio mixer that allows parents to control how much soothing noise and music they’re hearing when trying to get their newborns to sleep.

To use it, you press play. Music and soothing sound effects will play simultaneously, and you can turn them up or down independently of one another.

Time Travel Opps founder Richard Birkin discovered that his daughter really liked white noise and soft music. On Spotify there are lots of great albums for this. There are tons of great You Tube videos too (some of which can make a well slept grown man fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon). But after a while, as a parent, you get sick of the same old thing multiple times a day, every day.

So we made Songs For Tired Eyes, a browser-based mixer that allows parents to control how much noise versus music they’re hearing.

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Icon credit: dream music by corpus delicti from the Noun Project