Control the balance between music and soothing white noise to help tired eyes to close for the night.

- Music Volume -

- Sounds Volume -

How It Works

Press play, then adjust the volume of the music and the volume of the body sounds to suit you or your baby's preference.

The music and sounds will keep looping all night long.
Sweet dreams.

Mobile users: Sorry but the volume controls won't work on your phone. Tablets should work fine.


White noise soothes my daughter and helps her sleep. It works on me too. Some say it's because it reminds you of being in the womb. So, in the wakeful nights of winter, I made this 'mixer' so that I could play her some of my gentle music to help her get to sleep, with added soothing sounds.

- Richard J. Birkin, Composer


Vigil IV (Old Dreams)
After Catalunya
Vigil II