We have over 7 years of experience in the field of User Experience Design. In this time, we have developed a process that works for all budgets, timescales and project types:

Discover → Organise → Create & Test → Iterate → Publish.


Discover (Business & Users)

We put the users first. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, the success of your digital presence relies on your users being able to do what you want/need them to do.

We define who your users are, what they need from you (plus when they need it, where, and on what devices) by creating User Personas.

With our years of experience across many sectors, we are skilled at understanding a business – it’s purpose, mission, USP, competition, customers. We define the Business Needs early on, so that our entire UX process supports these.


Organise (Content First)

We help clients choose/create the content that users want/need from the business. This is the beginning of defining a Content Strategy – an approach that will ensure that you create the right content and publish it in the most effective place.

Now we know what content a user needs, we can start to think about how to present it. We create a Content Hierarchy by prioritising our Content to serve the needs of our User Personas, before rendering this in a Wireframe Prototype.


Create/Test (Wireframes/Prototypes)

We rapidly create interactive and responsive Wireframes that our clients can play with, share among teams, and test with users.

We hold feedback workshops where changes to the Wireframes can be made live in the room – a superb way for clients to get really hands on with the process of design iteration. We’ve found this increases ownership, creates consensus and moves the project on rapidly to development.
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How it Works for Clients

  • Workshop: Define Business Needs and User Personas (1 or 2 days)
  • Content Strategy: We produce a Content Strategy document with draft User Flows through a Sitemap
  • Wireframe Key Pages: We present key pages to clients in interactive/responsive Wireframes
  • Iteration: We iterate on the above following client feedback (or feedback workshop)
  • Documentation: Full documentation of the process + Functional Spec document for developers to build from.

“This process allowed us to translate our ideas, excitement and passion for the relaunch of the GAME app into something the delivery team could get their hands on and play with, and more importantly benchmark from.”
- Elliot Maher, Head of Digital, GAME

“Time Travel Opps know how to extract the information they need and transform this into insights that make a big impact on the direction of digital projects, informing the development of intuitive user experiences.”
- Neil Perrott, Strategy Director, Katapult


We’ve provided User Experience consultancy and Wireframe production on projects for:


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