Week Notes 002

Posted on Jun 4, 2017 in Week Notes

Reveal Records

Although it’s not a huge budget, we’re still putting UX consideration into this WordPress site for record label Reveal Records. Not just your standard e-commerce style transactional User Journey either, but something akin to being in a record shop and talking about bands and albums with the guy-in-the-know behind the counter.

This is actually how I met label-owner Tom Rose. So there’s obviously some subconscious work going on under the hood. Practically, we did some UX on the discovery User Journeys before cracking on with a completely custom Bootstrap WordPress theme, paying particular focus to the Content Management System – making it really easy for the label guys to create an album page and for that to feel really robust, while the theme has custom fields that are responsive to the available data on each release (formats, streaming platforms, download fulfilment etc. etc.)

Reservoir 13

Storyboarding for the video that tells the world what the project is. It was made for Jon McGregor’s live show, so the audience reach will be limited by proximity, and I’m very chuffed with this new iteration of Rubato – the software Tom Armitage and I created (kindly supported by Sound & Music) to control the phones of an audience from the stage.


Delivered an interim product page for a new product launch that happens before the agency deliver the full site rebuild (which we’re UX-ing on next week)

Out of the Office

Finished reading: The Power by Naomi Alderman
Started reading: The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomer (and other stories) by Ernest Hemingway
Listened to: Lots of Kris Drever.

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