Week Notes 003

Posted on Jun 12, 2017 in Week Notes

A lot of meetings and pitches for new projects this week.

Nottingham City Council have invited us to come up with some interactive performance ideas for their Spiegel Tent this October. The space is amazing – a travelling tent full of mirrors and stained glass.


Great feedback on the first round of Wireframes for their client. Second iteration this week, aiming for sign off by early next week. Then we go into the build of the full site.


Wrote a few thinkpieces that have been floating around for a while – one on how positive we feel about the Arts Council, and another about how invaluable the GOV.UK Digital Service Standards are, and how they can be tweaked to apply to smaller Organisations with less resources.

Out of office

Brain space largely taken over by the General Election and ensuing celebration/tumult.

Started reading: Porcelain by Moby (and carried on with the Hemingway short stories)
Listened to: Snow by The New Year, Crazy, Sexy, Cool by TLC, Bill Evans Trio.

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