Bun na Spéire

A film by Paul Kenny

with original score by Richard J. Birkin

"A really special work. I can honestly say I've never seen anything like it before. The mind is first puzzled by the nature of the work in terms of form/genre, then quickly falls under its spell."

Robert MacFarlane
author of The Old Ways and Underland

About Bun na Spéire

Paul Kenny is a celebrated artist/photographer with an International reputation. He has been creating and developing his photographic works for half a century and has works in some of the worlds major public and private art collections.

Never shy to seek out new ways to express his unique artistic vision, over fifty years he has moved seamlessly from monochrome to colour, from analog to digital, from plein air to studio and from camera to cameraless. Now in his seventieth year his artistic journey has led to the creation of moving images.

Bun na Spéire is the first completed project and he commissioned the composer and musician Richard J Birkin to create an original score.

Now combined they are a complete art work, a meditation, a unique fifteen minute visual and aural experience.

These works are not films or animation as such. Martin Barnes, curator of photography at the V&A called them “moving stills”.

Bun na Spéire is created using seawater and scraps of metallic flotsam and jetsam collected from a beach at Downpatrick Head, Mayo. The title is an Irish language term for “horizon”, the literal English translation is “bottom of the sky”.

The film comprises a set of slowly evolving still images that hypnotise and sooth viewers over the course of fifteen minutes.

"Stunning...the slowness of the imagery really allows the music to slowly open out. It’s doing something quite incredible with stopping the flow of time."

Geoff Diego Litherland

“I think it is a masterpiece. Hypnotic, beguiling, frustrating, enrapturingly beautiful, surreal, pictorial, mysterious, intangible, elusive, abstract. How could you not fall in love with it?”

Joe Cornish




About Paul Kenny

Born in 1951 and educated in Salford, Northwest England, Paul Kenny completed his Fine Art Degree at Newcastle upon Tyne in 1975.

In 2004 he returned to North Northumberland where he now lives and works not far from the sea with his wife Margaret.

In 2000 he was made a Fellow of the Ballinglen Arts Foundation and now, whenever possible, he spends time at their facility in North West Mayo, Eire.

He has work in some of the worlds major public and private collections including Deutche Bank, Goldman Sachs, the V and A, the National Photography Collection, Bradford and the National Gallery of Scotland.

About Richard Birkin

Richard Birkin is a recording artist and composer. His solo music has been recorded by the London Contemporary Orchestra, ISKRA Strings and Sinfonia Viva players.

He has released two critically acclaimed albums and a number of project-focused EPs.

He has composed original scores for short films and commercials, and is part of the Abbey Road Masters team of composers, writing and recording production music at the legendary London studios.

Technical Specs

Duration 15:33
Quality UHD
Size 16:9 | 3840 x 2160
Audio Stereo 44.1