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A Lonely Isle a collection of anecdotes about Rockall, a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean and the last island to be claimed as part of the British Empire. It's by writer Matthew Sheret, and each chapter is based on accounts written by visitors over the last 100 years.

There are six chapters, each no more than a few minutes long, featuring narration and voice acting over an original orchestral score.

Gorgeous and fascinating. This feels like a new kind of podcast. Slow, reflective, beautiful, illuminating. But also really brief and convenient. It's hard to know whether to savour each little fragment or binge on the whole lot. I guess both!
Russell Davies, iTunes Store review.

Creative Direction

Matt's idea to make "something" from his fascination with Rockall was compelling and the project took many forms before this final one - as a podcast comprising bite-size episodes.

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User Experience

We built a simple website that allowed the user to absorb each episode in order, or jump in where they left off. Each episode page features a transcript for optional read-along and links to other platforms.

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Ann Scantlebury recorded the narration and voice acting, edited and mixed that with the soundtrack, and published the podcast to iTunes, TuneIn and Stitcher via a Soundcloud RSS feed.

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