Interaction Design, node.js

Made in collaboration with technologist Tom Armitage, Rubato choreographs text and images in time with live performance, across as many screen as the performer would like – typically, the individual smartphones of an entire audience – and puts the performer first, synchronising the visuals and words to their music, rather than the other way around.

Richard played two gigs with the Iskra string quartet and Rubato – at St John on Bethnal Green and at the Regent Street Apple Store in London. (The video at the start of this page is filmed live at the St John concert).

We had excellent feedback from both gigs. Rather than being a distraction, Rubato really seemed to engage the audience and have the effect we hoped it would – heightening the experience of the music. One striking piece of feedback came from a deaf audience member who enthusiastically explained that the visual and textual component gave a great deal of meaning to their experience of the gig; a use-case we hadn’t even considered, but one that was very rewawrding to hear received so enthusiastically.

More Projects

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Emotional interactions to accompany an immersive VR installation at Tribeca Film Festival.

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A modern music box: a physical, digital musical instrument with touch screen and crank handle.